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1-Year and 2-Year Certificate/Diploma Programs

Business Administration

This full-time certificate program will equip you with fundamental business administration skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of entry-level jobs. Through the program, you will learn computer literacy, numeracy, cross-cultural communications and other skills needed in various businesses and industries, as well as develop basic knowledge in accounting, management, economics, marketing, and organizational structures.

Business Administration Diploma Web & Digital Marketing Specialty Program

A 2-year full-time program with a total of 16 courses, with scheduled breaks to give students time to read comprehensive textbooks and to prepare for course exams. Each of its business courses has 60 hours of instructional contact time, while the Web Tech and Digital Marketing course is 330 hours long.

Full Stack
Web Developer

A full-stack developer works with both the front and back end of a website or application. They're familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more back end languages.


Full Time Bootcamps

Web Tech and Digital Marketing (WTDM)

This program is an excellent place to get your foot in the door in the tech industry, and to learn new skills that will complement your existing ones. Through the program, you will learn basic coding languages, various relevant software, media queries, HTML and CSS, web development best practices in WordPress, and using social media and digital marketing in business. If you are an entrepreneur, taking this program will equip you with additional skills that will keep your business competitive.

Graphic Design and Branding Fundamental (GDBF)

This instructor-led bootcamp course will teach you the foundations of making sound design and technical decisions based on the needs of customers. To develop an appreciation for brand integrity, you can expect to learn the basics of developing a brand guide and the tools necessary to maintain brand continuity.

WordPress Open Source Development (WOSD)

This program provides aspiring website developers a complete set of essential skills to build and maintain HTML/CSS and WordPress websites, and to manage multi-channel digital

Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing (AWDM)

This program aims to equip you with the skills to effectively establish, implement, and measure digital marketing strategies, as well as to create and customize websites and extensions that optimize exposure and maximize conversions.

Drupal Open Source Development (DOSD)

Learn to build websites with one of the most trusted web development platforms in the world in just three months!
Used and supported by an active and diverse community of web developers around the world, Drupal powers

Practical Skills Web Development (PSWD)

Gain real-world work experience and highly employable skills in this 3-month bootcamp!   This mentorship-styled program will provide you with the skills necessary to ensure success in the web development industry. The Practical Skills Web Development Diploma program provides a student with the practical skills necessary to ensure success in the field of web development based on the technical skills they developed in their previous programs. 

Accelerated Bootcamps

Accelerated Web Development and Digital Marketing (AWDDM)

Q College teaches the most relevant software, coding languages, and skills to find a thriving career in today’s tech industry. This includes media queries, HTML and CSS, web development best practices in WordPress and digital marketing fundamentals.

Accelerated Graphic Design and Branding Fundamental (AGDBF)

Desktop publishing is no longer exclusive to print. In this course, you will learn the foundations necessary to make sound and technical decisions based on customers’ needs when developing marketing materials. To develop an appreciation for brand integrity, you will learn the basics of developing a brand guide and the tools needed to apply and maintain brand continuity. You will also learn typography, design basics, and technical skills in using various specialized printers.  

Accelerated WordPress Open Source Development (AWOSD)

This accredited program is an excellent place to expand your skills by learning to code for the web and mobile, to setup and maintain content management systems powered by WordPress, and to manage themes and plugins.

Accelerated Advanced WordPress & Digital Marketing (AAWDM)

If you want to learn the curriculum of the Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing program but are unable to commit to its structured schedule, then this program is for you.

Accelerated Drupal Open Source Development & E-Commerce Diploma Program (ADOSD)

This program differs from its full-time equivalent as it follows an individualized and accelerated format to maximize students’ time. While it also delivers the full-time curriculum, this accelerated program is taught in a more intimate setting based on a student’s career goal and technical aptitude. It allows for greater flexibility for people who are unable to commit to a regular class schedule.

Short Courses


Perfect for bookkeepers and business owners alike, this program will teach you the tools needed to manage a business and to streamline operations. Its three program courses will help you become proficient in the basics of accounting, or in using Simply Accounting/Sage 50 or QuickBooks, the two most popular entry-level accounting programs for small businesses. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

In this two-course program, you will learn to employ the exceptional power and precision of Adobe Creative Suite to deliver robust and engaging web and mobile experiences that are supported by the latest advancement in HTML5 and CSS3.  

Adobe Creative Tool Kit

This program will prepare you to tackle any creative challenge that will come your way! Select any of the program’s three modules, and you will be able to use the ultimate professional toolset to maximize efficiency and explore new ways to design amazing print, web, and video experiences. 

Certified Microsoft Training

Aware that nearly every job requires skills in Microsoft Office, this program only employs Microsoft expert trainers so you can be confident that what you learn is accurate and up-to-date. Its nine program courses aim to make you proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Access, Project, or SharePoint. 

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